meet darcy and learn more about a new project: the restless times newspaper.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a girl named Darcy. Her positivity shone through her words and message, as she discussed an idea that she had had and wanted me to be involved in. She wanted to create a newspaper for the youth of today, shining with beautiful words, creativity, and positivity, but in a different way than most magazines. Of course I said yes, and now a group of writers including Darcy and I are on our way to creating an inspiring product that you won’t want to miss. Let me introduce you to Darcy.




Hi Darcy, tell us a little about yourself.

Hello dearest Maddie! Okay, so I’m the girl that you’ll always find with a cup of coffee in hand and a few stray sparkles floating in her hair. I have had the delight of growing up with a gorgeous mixture of farmland, beach, and city. I currently go to boarding school and am following my love of theatre, art, and writing.


I know you are a very creative person. What do you love most about creating and expressing yourself?

See, I think this question is interesting, because in reality I cannot choose my favourite part about it. I love the beginning of the process, which can actually be a very frustrating part of it. All of my projects and creations stem from a period in which I have overwhelmed myself with a lot of art and media. I’ll become obsessed to the point where I don’t sleep because I’m just thinking about how my ideas can be formed from the amount of inspiration I have flooded myself in. And then on a sleepless night or coffee driven morning, an idea will strike me and that becomes the new obsession. I love everything about creating; from the elation of seeing yourself unfold brings to the exhausted 2ams, thanks to an overstimulation of the heart and brain. While I fail to have a favourite moment of the process of creation, I do know what the most rewarding part is. I think the beauty of seeing people accept and grow from your work is undeniably the most rewarding part of being a creator. I am so overjoyed that I am helping people to challenge their own identities and find what inspires them.


I am currently working with you as well as a few other writers for your newest project: The Restless Times Newspaper. Can you tell our readers a little bit about this?

This newspaper is going to be a kaleidoscope of that brutal youth energy that tears us apart. It’s going to be full of the energy that adults tell us not to have. I was so exhausted of seeing only negativity in the news and I got sick of people telling us that we are going to have a tough time if we want to pursue something creative. We know that this negativity exists, and in no way do I want this newspaper to ignore that, but I do want to fuel some positive sparks in the young hearts of this generation. I want kids to find what they love and learn how to express it in a way that will help our world into a happier place. I’ve always recognized the importance of hardships and sadness in our world but I think that the social and political constructs around these issues need to be changed. The newspaper is going to give a voice to the youth who want to tear down those constructs and build a more understanding world.


What sparked the creativity and idea behind the newspaper? 

I draw so much inspiration from every second of the day. When we are surrounded by a world of artists, flowers, innovation, sunshine and cities, I think it’s wrong to suggest that an idea can come from just one spark. I cannot say what single thing sparked this newspaper. When the idea emerged, I had just gone through a long period of intense existentialist thinking and had been listening to Tim Minchin (a brilliant Australian musician) intensively. I was also very alone, as most of my friends and loved ones were separate from me, so I was terribly confined in my own thoughts. I held an intense pressure in my heart which stemmed from the knowledge that I needed to do something to help. I woke up one morning after a night of little sleep and discovered that I had sent several emails to writers across the world about an idea I had had before I fell asleep. There were several positive responses to the idea of a newspaper written by and for positive youths and so I just decided to run with the project my tired brain had created.


What is your main goal for The Restless Times?

My main goal is to give a voice to that energy that lives inside all of us, whether it’s embedded in a child or adult. This energy is quite literally restless and can accomplish great things. It’s an energy that knows positivity doesn’t always stem from happiness, but rather from a sense of hope. It’s an energy that refuses to back down to the horrors of this world. This newspaper needs to give a voice to that energy because in our society, most children are told to get rid of it before they grow up. “It isn’t natural for a kid to be so passionate,” is a direct quote I have heard many a time when I’ve spoken my mind. The culling of this energy is disastrous for the positivity of our world, and in order for the youth to become a population that will foster hope, a voice needs to be given to our inner restlessness.


How do you plan to spread positivity through the newspaper?

I plan to spread positivity through hope. I’m a big believer that positivity does not mean sunshine, rainbows, singing birds, and joy. I think positivity can exist in even the darkest of times, as it comes from a sense of wonder, respect and hope. So to spread this, I intend on focusing on items of good news while also not ignoring the horrors that do exist. The newspaper has several sections such as Inspiration and The Arts, which will encourage the readers to find the hope within themselves that they can create a better world.


What topics will be discussed in the newspaper?

The Restless Times will discuss creativity and that process of making art in youths. It will also focus on the exploration of good news and its role in shaping a better world. The Restless Times will hopefully create many conversations about art and youth energy through a range of diverse topics. In issue one, we have articles discussing coffee and social equity, an ironic piece of good news that recently happened in the USA, a commentary on books and music, a log of a creative process and a large amount of poetry. Issue one deals with the rawness of that energy we carry within ourselves through the use of an intense range of topics.


What can our readers do to reach out and be a part of the newspaper?

I want The Restless Times to be a place of universal contribution and collaboration, so anyone is welcome to reach out to us to pitch us ideas or join the team. Our blog is a good way to see what we are doing and it also has an outline of how readers can contribute. Emailing me directly at therestlesstimesnewspaper@gmail is also a wonderful option. I’m happy for anyone to send me in their ideas or work, so please do not feel afraid to reach out.


When is the first issue being released? Where can our readers find it? 

The first issue comes out on the 1st of March! We are publishing it as a PDF on our blog so anyone and everyone can access it. Follow our Instagram @therestlesstimes and our blog so you can be kept in the loop with excerpts of articles and announcements.


Thank you so much for your time Darcy. I’ve loved having the opportunity to work with you and create a wonderful piece of art for everyone to read. I know that we will be able to inspire others and create positivity with our creation. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Thank you so much beautiful angel! I just want to leave this interview by telling any young person that is reading that their energy is valued.

Lots of love,

Darcy xox


Be on the lookout for the release of the newspaper every 1st of the month! Thank you so much to Darcy for reaching out to me, being so supportive, and helping us reach out to more people and inspire others!

Check out The Restless Times online and on Instagram.


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