you are made up of shining stars, colors, and light. you are the cosmos. ☆

“Every night I tell myself I am the cosmos.” – Chris Bell

Imagine if everyone told themselves this.

Think about what being the cosmos means. You’re a mystery waiting to be found. A wonder. Filled with life, but not totally explored. There will always be more to you than meets the eye and some people will be there, wanting to know more. Only a few people will see you for who you are, and it’s best that way.

You are gorgeous. A lovely kaleidoscope of colors and light. Shining stars, burning meteors, and many different planets; all representing different pieces of who you are. They all join together to make one system, one person, you.

Tell yourself “I am the cosmos”.

Now actually believe it. You are everything and more. A perfect arrangement of dark and light, of unknown stories, unexplored pieces of your brain. You are beautiful on the outside, but even more for the things you are made up of. The chemicals that make up your personality and all the stars in the sky.

☆ You are the cosmos. ☆

[I made these collages, but do not own the rights to the photos used]


3 thoughts on “you are the cosmos

  1. This is such a beautiful concept and something I think about daily. We ARE nature, the oceans, the stardust, the universe and it’s so hard to understand but at the same time it is so beautiful. Great post! x

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    1. It is a stunning concept, and so gorgeous to think about! It is very hard to understand, but it is so empowering to think of being the cosmos and being nature. Thank you so much! xx


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