Halcyon girls was created with the intention to create work that inspires others. It was built on journal entries and collages and ideas inspired by others. We want to inspire others to look for peace everywhere, and to create and think through our words and photos.

meet the team: 

 maddie meet the team.jpg

Meet Maddie Bryann, editor-in-chief of HALCYON GIRLS

She’s seventeen years old, and a lover of creating and learning. She lives in a small, rural town of Florida, but has big dreams. She created Halcyon Girls with the intent to make a space to showcase her creations and connect with like-minded people. Maddie is inspired by a lot of things, including the people surrounding her, the people she hardly even knows across the world, pink skies, the ocean, and so much more. Sometimes, she’s not as positive as she would like to be, but that’s something she’s working on.


alexis meet the team.png

Meet Alexis Bennett, lead photographer for HALCYON GIRLS

She’s sixteen years old and will be starting her junior year of high school when the summer ends. She loves taking pictures of people and she is a huge sucker for sunsets, especially ones that turn purple and pink. She’s been told that she is very quiet and shy, which explains why she is usually found being the camera instead of in front. Alexis is inspired by those who express themselves through their passions. She shows who she is through her pictures.


ella meet the team.png

Meet Ella Ruland, intern and writer for HALCYON GIRLS

Her name is Ella Marie Ruland, and she lives in the most beautiful corner of our globe: Southwest Australia. She’s a self confessed “greenie” (as her Nanna likes to call her to her girlfriends). She’s convinced that she was meant to be born in the 70’s, as she dreams of Woodstock and European Summer at least five times a day. She keeps a dream journal and is completely and utterly in love with the Universe, nature, and basically anything with aesthetic value. Ella can most likely be found submerged in rockpools, at the Farmers Markets on a Sunday morning, amongst some foliage, in a quiet cafe, or listening to folk music at a festival with my two favourite fellow folk groovers.